...so Canada's 150 eh ?!

(June 29, 2017 )

oh Canada...

 a land of trees, rocks and practical inventions.   It is the second largest country, the largest supplier of oil (keep it coming!) ,  a land that is glorious and free...and a  more than friendly  place where the beer seems to flow !  

 From stats to fun events to  150 bottles of beer...we've got you covered for Canada Day 150!  @canada150

Meanwhile in Canada • Canadian Inventions
•the walkie-talkie
•the zipper
•the lightbulb
•the telephone  (omg..imagine  where we would be without the telephone??)

Canada gave us  the beaver, butter tarts, hockey,  the bloody caesar,  poutine,  and good ol' Mister Dressup...
 and of course lots of beer, because Canadian's love their beer !

Speaking of beer....Big Rock Brewery is offering a special   Canada 150 pack   !  @bigrockbrewery

The City of Calgary promises a good time for Canada 150 - check out their list of activities  here  !   @cityofcalgary

Check out this  guide  for fun ways to celebrate  if you're more keen on getting out of the city !   @explorecanada

...and if nothing  else,  put tiny  maple leafs on things, take a selfie on a red couch or smother something in maple syrup !  

and GO  STAMPS GO !!  June 29  • Season opener  @calstampeders