....a little bit local !!  (and a discount to boot! )

(September 06, 2017 )

Growing up farm kids in rural Nanton, Alberta, we wholeheartedly know the importance of supporting all things local. We didn't have the luxury of making a quick trip to Walmart to take advantage of their roll back prices. And honestly ?? Thank goodness!! Frankly we are tired of disposable products.

We grew up appreciating and valuing the blood, sweat and tears a small business owner pours into their work. We love the beauty and pride owners feel in providing quality goods, crafted by hand, slow and thoughtful and BEAUTIFUL...♥

Because of our love and support of our local communities we are going to BLOG THE SH#T out of all things local!! Each month we will showcase local talent, from artists to designers to contractors, even some of our favorite local hang outs! And if you'd like to be blogged about - reach out to us !! We are happy to start building a network that feeds COMMUNITY and fosters the CREATIVE GROWTH that comes from establishing connection.

This month it is our pleasure to introduce edgy local talent and artist APRYL DAWN DESIGN.  Apryl was most recently featured on The Social, CTV and is ready to rock her new fall line of inspired jewelry for the soul. 

SHOP ONLINE   with  Apryl Dawn Design   http://www.apryldawn.com/

She has graciously discounted her jewelry 20% just for  our followers, for the month of September. Please use promo code  realtor20  at checkout.   

September also marks her unique event “Punk Meets Fashion” at the Commonwealth Bar & Stage.    

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