Everyone  deserves BETTER !

(October 01, 2017 )

Anyone who knows us, knows that collaborating with ANYONE about ANYTHING is definitely our thing! We LOVE helping people, we LOVE brainstorming ideas, we LOVE the energy and synergy that collaborating creates !!

 We love supporting our local communities.   In return we get their support , inspired new ideas and some awesome discounts we get to pass on to you !!  ♥

By the month of October we are full blown into fall. Fall truly embodies CHANGE, the temperatures drop and the trees shed their leaves showing us how lovely it is to LET THINGS GO.   So why not do your body a favor and nourish it with a juice cleanse?!   This is the perfect month to take a break from the binge drinking days of summer  and the much-anticipated gluttony of Christmas and New Years. It’s also perfect timing as the kids are back to school, the home is quiet and you’ll be able to manage the “HANGRY” pains in peace !

This month it is our pleasure to bring you the benefits and deliciousness of raw cold press juice from BETTER, a bold new brand of Cherry Pit Market. Located at the Calgary Farmers’ Market on Blackfoot Trail, (aka our second office), this juice butcher knows juice and how to appeal to every customer ! ♥ They have even created their own brand of mocktails, smoothies and ice pops !

Better has graciously offered a 20% DISCOUNT for all our followers
Please use promo code   realtor20   when you order your cleanse at the market, or tell them that Laura and Jena sent you ! or print off the coupon –   it’s that easy !!     COUPON

Build a Better you. Invest in a two to three day combination and recalibrate your body with the best nature has to offer. Need some advice? Stop by and talk to the Better staff. No one knows juice like they do.

 Don't forget to follow them on Instagram !!!    #BETTER.FRESH